Monday, August 17, 2015

Your DStv Compact Bouquet just got really perfect. Watch the TVC!

Imagine it’s your first day at work- You need a perfect dress to make the right first impression. You look through your wardrobe and you can’t seem to find anything that’s just perfect.
Then you get to work and you are expecting your work space to be spacious and roomy- you know just the perfect size but you are assigned to a very little work space and your workload? Too much. Not to worry, there’s something that’s just perfect for you- the new reloaded DStv Compact Bouquet.
The all new DStv Compact bouquet now comes packed with 95 plus world class channels for just N6, 000. See all the drama from A – Z on AFRICA Magic Urban, Africa Magic Epic, Africa Magic Igbo, CNN, Ebony Life, Eva, Food Network, M-net Action, M-net City, MTV Base, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Nickelodeon, SuperSport, Telemundo, Trace Urban, and ZEE World.
As a Compact Bouquet subscriber, you also get to enjoy a wide selection of the latest local and international shows such as DoGood, Blue Blood, Desperate Housewives, The Fixer, etc. plus access to blockbuster movies on the BoxOffice for subscribers with the Explora decoder.

'Goodnight from my boob': Miley Cyrus shares saucy topless photo

The singer shared the photo last night and wrote "Gooooodnight from me, my boob & (her cat)"

Thursday, August 6, 2015

10 Facts You May Not Have Known About The Breasts(LEARN)

Female breasts serves as the mammary gland, which produces and secretes milk to feed infants. They also serve as an avenue for pleasure for the man in a woman's life.
Despite their popularity, what do we really know about the breasts? See these 10 interesting facts about mammary glands below:

Here are 10 things you may not have known about
the mammaries:

#1. You cannot increase the size of your breast naturally. This can only be done with cosmetic surgery or botox.

#2. For lactating mothers, you may actually lose weight if you continue breast feeding your child for up to six months.

#3. Men have breasts too and these are not men who are overweight, but men with the condition gynecomastia, where the mammary glands are abnormally overgrown.

#4. The biggest bra now available is KK, that’s a 20inch cup size.

#5. Although breast cancer is usually seen as a female health issue, men can suffer from the disease too

#6. Most women have one breast bigger than the other, and for some reason it’s usually the left one that’s larger

#7. Some women have one Tip wider than the other. It’s perfectly normal

#8. Smokers have saggier breasts than non-smokers due to the chemicals in cigarettes breaking down the body’s elastin.

#9. Breasts are known to sag during times of tension and stress.

#10. Did you know that you could be spoiling the shape of your breasts by sleeping on your stomach.
Experts suggest that sleeping sideways and also placing a pillow under your breasts while you sleep will give them additional support.