Sunday, March 15, 2015

SHOCKING VIDEO: Two drunk Nigerian policemen fight in public

A video of two police officers engaged in physical combat has emerged online, resulting in several comments from Nigerians.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Friday by Sharebitmag with the caption “Two Nigeria police caught fighting in Lagos,” showed the incident took place at the entrance of an unidentifiable bank.

Watch video below...

In the two-minute clip, a mobile policeman was seen in the black shirt and greenish-black khaki trousers police uniform sitting atop his colleague, while delivering several blows.

Though the video did not show how the brawl began, the second officer appeared to have been floored, as he did not return any of the punches. A bottle of an alcohol beverage, Alomo Bitters, was seen on the ground next to the duo.

Due to the poor quality of the video, we are unable to verify the identities or Force numbers of both men. However, the assaulter could be seen wearing a ring on the fourth finger of his left hand.

A crowd of onlookers surrounded the police officers at the start of the video and watched in amusement. A third officer, holding an AK-47 rifle in his left hand, throughout the video, could be seen trying to stop the fight.

After more intermittent punches to the face of his colleague, the mobile policeman then stood up and both officers proceeded into the premises of the supposed bank, where the fight once again escalated.

A security guard and another unidentifiable man then appeared onscreen in an attempt to pacify one of the fighters.

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