Sunday, March 15, 2015

Large Owl appears in Delta Govt House

Workers in the Delta State Government House, Asaba, Thursday scampered for safety, following the appearance of an Owl in one of the offices. The owl, according to a reliable source, perched on a table in the office when the office was opened by a lady working there, adding that the lady who was gripped with fear raised an alarm which attracted others who were just trying to settle down for the day’s job at about 8 am.

The owl was flogged to death and set ablaze by the workers who saw its appearance as a sign of bad omen. He added that songs of praises and worship were sung to adore the Almighty God for the few persons who picked up courage and moved against the strange bird.

A source said another lady who is also working in the Government House rushed in few minutes later and threatened that at least five persons would be killed to avenge the death of the owl, which she claimed to be hers. Disclosing that the said lady hails from one of the villages in Okpe, the source said; “We have decided to leave her for God.”

Whatever evil she planned to wreck in the office with the owl, would revert to her.” Effort made to reach the lady who claimed ownership of the owl proved abortive .

However, a source close to her, said “She was just joking; nobody can claim ownership of an owl.

“Do you really think anybody in his or her right senses will come out publicly to claim ownership of an owl and also threaten to kill five persons to avenge its death? It was a mere joke and that issue has been handled and settled, the source said, adding “We killed the owl, burnt it while drawing power from God Almighty who is the maker of the heaven and earth. And we joined our faiths together in setting the strange owl ablaze.

“Whatever evil plan it was meant to wreck in our office has been returned to the sender. We are untouchable”. As at the time of filing this report, effort was still being made to reach the lady whose office the owl was found for comment on the matter. According to an online dictionary, an Owl is a nocturnal bird of prey that kills other creatures for food: appearing traditionally as warnings of doom and as symbol of wisdom.

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