Sunday, November 30, 2014

What WEAR they thinking: Two Fashion Don’ts at the #CHOMVA2014

The Channel O music and video awards went down in Soweto, South Africa last night and it was star-studded!
Here are our two not-so-great fashion choices at the event.
1. South African actress and mum of one, Pam Andrews,  stepped out in this attire that leaves nothing to imagination, what was she thinking?!
She definitely turned heads and attempted to break African internet in this sheer black dress (does this qualify to be called a dress?) which put her breasts, butt & parts of her vajayjay on display for the entire continent to see!
The lady who is a South African actress on the TV show Rhythm city had some sequin panels covering her nips and nether regions.
2.  South African and dancer, Kopano Denise Zimba rocked this Long sleeved and floor length. So conservative hun?

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