Sunday, November 30, 2014


So, you like that cute girl/handsome hunk and want them to notice you. Here are some pointers to make a lasting impression on your crush
Grooming matters For Him: “Be well-groomed and wear clothes that you can carry off with ease. Smell good all the time,” suggests Karnik Pathak a finance management student. For Her: “Do not blindly follow fashion. Be yourself. Never fiddle with your hair when you’re with him, a smile and an attitude will do the trick,” says Vedika Vyas.
Compliments For Him: Girls love compliments but more importantly they know when you are faking a compliment. So be genuine. Make her feel special and loved but don’t behave like a possessive sociopath. For Her: Never shy away from giving compliments to your guy. However, make sure that you don’t cross the limit and come across as a desperate trying to get all his attention.
Gently break the ice For Him: “An enchanting smile and being chivalrous makes all the difference!” says Rohan Maheshwari, a CA final year student. He adds, “Smile and eye contact are the best way to break the ice. If she responds then make the move by introducing yourself and start with some general yet witty conversations. Work on building the trust factor before you ask her out for a coffee. You won’t get a negative response.” For Her: Nidhi Yadav, who is pursuing her masters in English Literature says, “Be confident, strike a witty conversation. The trick lies in making him laugh. Do not give away a lot of information about yourself, be mysterious.”
Hitting the common ground For Him: “There will be many opportunities like fresher’s parties, college projects, assignments, field trips to woo her,” says Karnik. For Her: “A guy will always be impressed and will be happy to be with a girl who can at times be a bro with him sharing his passion for sports and more,” says Vedika Vyas.
Dos’ 1. Be confident. 2. When you are with him/her, give phubbing a miss 3. Wit wins definitely. Be pleasant 4. Give them and yourself a little space to do things that you enjoy
Dont’s 1. Do not try to hog the limelight 2. Stalking is a big no no. Even on social media. 3. If your crush doesn’t call you back, don’t be a despo. Give them time and space. 4. Nothing matters more than your Emotional Quotient.


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