Friday, August 8, 2014

Meet the man who injected ACID into his face to look like Michael Jackson (PHOTOS)

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Oh, lawd.
A 32-year-old Michael Jackson impersonator, Antonio Gleidson Rodrigues, has injected ‘hyaluronic acid’ into his face to whiten his face to bear a close resemblace to the late King of pop.
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The Brazilian man, Rodrigues has spent £2,000 on a series of cosmetic procedures and has even had rhinoplasty to imitate his late idol’s botched nose job.
He spends around four hours rehearsing his dance moves and one and a half hours applying make up on a daily basis to make perfect his MJ look. At some point, he even underwent surgery to attain the same voice of Jackson’s.
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He said, “In 2009 I went into the operating theatre and had my nasal septum corrected which allowed me to reach the higher notes. I wasn’t able to reach notes like Michael before but after surgery I can now sing some notes in falsetto.”
But Rodrigues says he is not done with trying to look exactly like Michael Jackson, saying he hopes to do more surgeries as soon as he can afford them.
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“If I can afford it in the future, I am thinking of working on my cheekbones so I can get rid of the wrinkles along my mouth – I also want to have my eyebrows arched. I would like to have my forehead tattooed and have my nose made even slimmer,” he said.

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