Friday, July 18, 2014

"You Have An Evil Heart!"-Fans As They Lambaste Peter Okoye For Paying Back Jude Okoye By Shunning His Wedding Yesterday

What wedding??? Peter posted the above photo earlier in the day telling everyone that he was not at his brother's wedding.
So Peter Okoye, brother to the Jude Okoye deliberately shunned his brothers wedding in Anambra today.
Not only did he not attend the wedding with his wife Lola, he chose to post photo's of him 'chilling' with friends at the Squareville mansion, a move obviously targeted at getting back at Jude.
It will be recalled that Jude did not attend Peter Okoye's traditional wedding to Lola Omotayo last year and even more, he  posted a picture on his instagram page showing that he was in a studio in Lagos. 
As a result of Jude's actions last year, Peter employed the 'eye for and eye tactic' of revenge.
Before today, the last time Peter-the 2nd half of the singing duo P-square- updated his instagram page was July 13th. But today, he made sure to post photos of him 'chilling' at home, making it clear that he deliberately shunned his elder brothers wedding.
Apparently, the beef in the Okoye household has not been completely squashed, and Peter Okoye is making no effort to hide it.

To further reiterate that he did not attend the Anambra wedding, Peter posted the picture above this evening with the caption: "chilling with @malcoholic_obinna, @harrietjowana @defkev82 #Squareville".
Peter's actions did not go down well with many fans, and they didn't mince words in expressing censure over the situation. Some other fans however rose to his defense. See some of their comments posted n Peter's Instagram page below:

Peters twin brother Paul however attended the wedding with his wife Anita.

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