Monday, July 14, 2014

See the reason why Rihanna broke up with Drake

drake and chris brown

Rihanna and Drake's short time romantic affair ended up in May 2014 and it has been revealed that the true reason of their break up is about Drake's “music and that comes first” sense of thinking.

Drake openly told Riri that she was NOT the no.1 priority in his life, a source told Nollywoodlife. Drake’s new collabo with Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown will will make more sense now that we have known the truth behind their breakup.

“Rihanna hated the fact that Drake was working too much and it may have been a bone of contention that he considered working with Chris Brown. He and Rihanna never talked about the possibility but he made it extremely clear that his music comes first, at all costs, including their relationship,” a source revealed.

Not only did Drake put his career before his girlfriend, he also doesn’t care if Rihanna would get upset about his new collaboration with her ex Chris Brown, the source said.

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