Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another Case Of Jungle Justice: Man beaten, Battered & Buried in a Pit for Stealing A Woman’s Handbag in Delta [PHOTOS]

A thief was caught yesterday morning in Shell road, Sapele, Delta state. The thief (name unknown) snatched a woman’s handbag in Ugbeyi, Sapele while on his motorcycle and ran away.
The woman did not immediately raise an alarm as nobody was passing by, but prayed for her bag to be recovered. A soldier who noticed what had happened took it upon him self to give the thief a hot chase. he borrowed someone’s Hilux and went after him, but he was as little too late.... or so it seemed.
But the cold hands of Karma soon caught up with him when he came to shell road. Some youths noticed his suspicious movement, and joined the chase.
He continued to run,  but as where he rode he approached a dead-end. Finally at a bush nearby, he was caught, and as expected, they descended on him. But it didn't end there. They then dug a pit, and threw him into it with the intention to bury him alive before the Police intervened, and took him away.
While innocent lives are lost daily, the senate prefers to waste its time deliberating over robbing children of their innocence.
We will continue to sensitize the public in our own little way till one day, something is done.
We are not cave men, JUNGLE JUSTICE MUST STOP!

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