Friday, May 24, 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson's Last Chewed Gum Sold For £390,000 On Ebay!

Retired Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was known for his chewing gum habit during his 26 year tenure at the English club.
But still, nothing prepared me for the shock, when word came out earlier today that Sir Alex Ferguson’s last piece of chewing gum has reportedly sold for nearly £390,000.

A supporter appears to have scraped up the infamous gum from The Hawthorns after Fergie's finale between his Manchester United side and West Brom.
The fan then put it on internet auction site eBay, although no one could have foreseen it would have brought in just shy of £400,000.

Why will anyone want to buy a saliva infused piece of memorabilia for such an amount?
From what I hear, proceed is going to I'm guessing that's why.
But still...£390,000 for chewed gum? OK.

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