Friday, May 24, 2013

Popular Nigerian Music TV Presenter In Sex Tape Scandal

According to new reports making rounds on the internet, a TV music presenter whose name starts with 'M' is allegedly involved in a sex tape scandal.
See how it is been reported below:
Rumors making the rounds now is the unpleasant story of a popular Nigerian TV presenter in a Séx tapé with her lover. The tapé which apparently “léaked” is the new topic gone viral now.
The media personality is a well-known talented, dark skinned lady who presents at a popular Music TV channel, a regular on the red carpet and bodily endowed.
Every day we come across those who don’t seem to give a hoot about anything. They believe in having fun, and having it with no limit. Anything goes seems to be their lingo. Most of this set, live their life on the edge, believe you only live once so why not enjoy to the ultimate.
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 She is a popular hostess on a cable network, hosting a musical show who always holds her audience spellbound by her delivery. Not too tall, very shapely with big eye balls, she looks like an angel, but with the tinge of a she-devil hidden under the facáde, she sounds like ‘champagne’, we are not talking ‘Brut or Rose’ here and seems connected to the family of a former ruler, at least by her second name.

Until the advent of this totally ráunchy séx tapé, one wouldn’t have thought she was capable of this debáuchery. On the leaked tapé that is around now, it was obvious that she and her partnér were both in the know of the récording.

The sad part of the mess is now that, what they thought was done in secret, has come into the public purview.

Now their secret tapé has gotten into some hands and its not certain how the séx tapé got leaked.

A source in the know who pleaded anonymity is quoted to have said about the sex tape
It’s her but it’s an old video, it was shot years back. I wonder why they are bringing it up again.’

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