Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lil Wayne: Did Dangerous Concoction He Drank Nearly Kill Him?

A new report alleges that Lil Wayne’s seizures and subsequent brush with death were caused by a toxic mixture of drugs and chemicals. Keep reading for all the details. Thankfully, Lil Wayne appears to be recovering in the hospital, but a new report alleges that he almost died after consuming a dangerous concoction that included chemicals. Lil Wayne’s Seizure: Caused By A Disastrous Drink? Was Lil Wayne’s life saved in the nick of time by fast-thinking doctors who pumped his stomach and purged it of a potent, toxic concoction? That’s what a new report from Media Takeout alleges. A source claims Lil Wayne drank a “bootleg” syrup that was given to him by a friend. The concoction was reportedly a mix of promethazine and codeine, both of which are strong pain medications. But that’s not all — the drink also contained a number of other prescription drugs, and doctors allegedly also found traces of anti-freeze in Weezy’s system. The drug-heavy syrup was highly potent and toxic — if this report is true, Lil Wayne is lucky to be alive. Lil Wayne: Will He Stop Carrying His Styrofoam Cup? The “bootleg” is just another, stronger form of purple drink, or sizzurp, which has allegedly become a part of Lil Wayne’s persona at this point. In the past when he faced questions about his drug use, Wayne said, “I’m gonna do what I want… I don’t care if it was heroin in my cup. It’s my cup, f**k you.” And less than six months ago, Lil Wayne was admitted to a hospital after experiencing “seizure-like symptoms.” He can’t keep living this way. Weezy has had several opportunities to change his lifestyle — perhaps this recent life-threatening episode will make him change his ways.

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