Thursday, March 21, 2013

Celebrity Tweets: Between Dancer Kaffy And Rapper Missy Elliot...

Growing up, gosh! I LOVED rapper/producer/singer Missy Elliot...her moves to me were just out of this world.
Unknown to me, world record holder and Nigeria's dance Queen Kaffy is also a Missy fan. She tweeted at Missy yesterday and the very humble Ms Elliot replied. See their tweets below:
Sadly, the 41 year old 5-time Grammy winner announced in 201,  that her absence from the music scene is as a result of an incurable autoimmune disorder known as Grave's Disease which she suffers from. She is however managing the condition well,  and her 7th studio album comes out this year.
 It will be nice to see her fully back on the music scene after all this while.


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