Monday, March 11, 2013

A Month Before BBA I Visited TB Joshua And He Changed My Life-AMVCA Host Vimbai Mutinhiri

During a recent interview with Bella Naija, former BigBrother Afica star turned TV Personality Vimbai Mutinhiri gave some very interesting revelations about her self. Here are excerpts:

What is the most important advice you’ve ever been given?
To know honour, you must know humility, to know success, you must know failure, and to know blessing you must know poverty.

Those are strong words. Who told you this?
Pastor T.B Joshua.

How did you meet him?
I met T.B Joshua at a time in my life when there was nothing happening for me and he gave me life changing advice. He’s been a mentor, he’s always been there for me, he’s always available to pray for me, to listen to me. Sometimes there are some issues that are difficult for us to share with our parents but he’s always been there to listen. He’s been there for my entire family in time of need. He’s a practical and genuine person and he’s never led me astray.

Was this in Zimbabwe or Nigeria?
Here in Lagos, Nigeria. I had a crisis, I was going through a lot and my Mum was watching Emmanuel TV in Zimbabwe and said to me “you know what, you’ve got nothing to lose, why don’t you just go to this place”. So I applied online and I came to Lagos. I was in the Church for one week and it was a week that changed my life. In fact this happened a month before I went into the Big Brother House.

How do you keep in touch with someone who has touched your life this way?
He doesn’t have a branch in South Africa so I’m a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God there and then when I have the opportunity to travel to Lagos, I’d come or I’d just watch Emmanuel TV at home.

Mehn T.B Joshua is going places! Read the full interview HERE.

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