Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toyosi Akerele May Lead A Revolutionary Protest Of 100,000 Naked Nigerian Women In 2015

2015 is not only just a year most persons anticipate to see because of personal accomplishments but also a sensitive year when Nigeria would decide on who takes over the mantle of leadership as per Presidency. A widely recognized Young Entrepreneur and a youth educationist, Toyosi Akerele has vowed to lead a protest of 100,000 naked women in 2015 to Aso Villa, if proper electioneering procedure is not followed. Toyosi is the  founder of RISE Network, which has made quite an impression on numerous Nigerian youths. She relayed most of her grievances via twitter this morning, here are some of her tweets.
The question is, does Nigerian ladies have the tenacity to carry out a massive naked march

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