Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Students Of Ebonyi State University(EBSU) Riot Over Increment In School Fees

The 200lvl students of ebonyi state university marched in protest against d over 80% increase in school fees. These students who should pay #60,000 and #40,000 for non indigenes and indigenes respectively were mandated to pay #128,000 and #88,000 respectively , the same amount they paid freshers. The 300lvl and 400lvl students aren’t affected in the increment. Students marched peacefully some 2-3weeks ago but they were ignored thus, the demonstration. as they demonstrated, students burnt tires, wrecked the SUG bus , temporarily closed the Enugu- Abakaliki express road , and closed the school gate. The police later intervened to calm the stampede. Students are pleading to the govt 2 reconcider because they want to go to school

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