Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Living with Dead: Homeless sleeping 15 years in 100-year-old GRAVE In Se...

Homeless Bratislav Stojanovic said that he would rather sleep in the grave than on the street in the cold weather
While most people are terrified of the dead and feel very uncomfortable about visiting graveyards, a 43 year old man in Serbia is reported to be sleeping with the dead...literally.
Bratislav Stojanovic, 43, has shared a burial plot with the ashes of a a family who died out more than 100 years ago in Nis, Serbia.
After losing his town home to debt about 15 years ago, Mr Stojanovic gave the grave a changing tombs-style makeover, and made it his home.
His tomb is only two square yards and the ceiling is just one yard high
At night Stojanovic uses candles foraged from the cemetery for light
The former construction worker said he feels very much at home.
He said: 'It is dry and it is warm. I have some lamps and my personal possessions.
'It isn't a palace but it is more comfortable than the street.
Mr Stojanovic, who has never had a regular job moved into the grave after sleeping in the streets for months.
The cemetery is now closed making it harder for Stojanovic to find candles
He and now spends his time foraging in the out of use cemetery for candles.
Mr Stojanovic said that living with the dead isn't as scary as some might think. He said: 'I was afraid in the beginning, but I got used to it in time. Now I am more afraid of the living than of the dead.
'Whenever I want to crawl out I first check if there's someone around, otherwise I could scare a person to death.
'People are very kind to me, they sometimes bring me food or clothes.
'Sometimes I have to get my food from rubbish bins but it can be very nutritious. It's amazing what people throw away," he explained.
'It doesn't frighten me to sleep in a grave. The dead are dead. I'm more frightened of being hungry.
'And if I die in the night, at least I'm in the right place.'
The tomb belongs to a family who died out 100 years ago
Mr Stojanovic lives on a diet of food he collects from the rubbish and collects cigarette butts he finds on the ground.
His tomb spans only two-square yards and the ceiling is one yard high.
Officials at the cemetery say their squatter can stay as long as he does not disturb other visitors.
'The family who owned the tomb are long gone so technically it belongs to no-one. If he behaves himself there are no plans to evict him,' said a spokesman.
The name of the family who owned the tomb is unknown as the names have eroded from the gravestone.
Mr Stojanovic has lived in the cemetery for 15 years after he lost his house
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