Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby attacked by fox

Denny was attacked by a male fox while he was on the sofa in the living room and tried to drag him out of the house by the hand, severing his left ring finger.
Luckily, his mother Hayley Cawley, 28, heard his screams and the thud as the fox pulled the baby to the door and ran downstairs.

She wrestled the fox off her son, but not before it hissed at her
The baby attacked by a fox had teeth puncture wounds in his head and may never regain feeling in the finger the animal ripped off, the child’s uncle said last night.
Barry Cawley, 38, said that the family thought the fox had smelled five-week-old Denny Dolan and followed his scent into the room.
Mr Cawley, a postman from Bromley, South East London, said: ‘There were teeth marks in his head. I think the fox tried to bite his head first but it didn’t fit so he bit Denny’s hand.
His mother Hayley heard his screams and then a thud as the fox pulled Denny off the sofa. She said that when she ran towards the fox, it hissed at her through its teeth.
‘If it hadn’t been for her quick actions, who knows what would have happened. We think the fox must have smelled Denny as I don’t think he’d have seen him from the garden.’ He added: ‘I went to see him in hospital and he managed a little smile for me. ‘He’s recovering well, though there’s not much chance he’ll get the feeling back in his ring finger on his left hand where the fox bit him

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