Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snake Kill 37year old Man,Then Attends His Funeral

Snake Kill 37year old Man,Then Attends His Funeral

A funeral turned to bush theatre on Saturday when a snake, which is believed to have bitten a man leading to his death, appeared during his burial.

Onwel Banda (37) was attacked by a snake behind his bedroom hut as he returned from answering the call of nature in a nearby bush on Thursday night. He was reportedly rushed to Nyamandlovu Clinic.
Unfortunately, he died a day after owing the lack of anti-snake venom medication, which is reportedly not available in most health centres in the country. A nurse at the clinic confirmed attending to Banda.

Mourners temporarily deserted the graveyard when a man who was picking logs to mark the grave at the end of the burial, screamed ‘snake – snake!”

A source told our news crew that women scurried for cover while men went for the snake. The mourners killed the snake and took it close to the grave to show a Roman Catholic priest whi was preaching at the graveyard. The snake, which villagers claim had no teeth, is believed to be the one that killed Banda.

Another villager, who claimed to be present when the incident took place said the incident was just too strange.

“It was just too strange to understand. Normally a snake doesn’t appear where there are too many people said the girl who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Banda’s brother, who only identified himself as Kinwel, in a telephone interview claimed the snake had been haunting his brother for sometime.

“This is not a simple issue. There is witchcraft at play. We know our brother was locked in a bitter fight with another villager here over two beasts. They swore at each other. We guess what has befallen him is a result of the swearing,” he said.

Village head, Bethram Ndlovu confirmed the incident but said he was not sure if the snake is the one which attacked Banda.

“Mourners saw a snake while they were at the gravesite. They killed it and speculation started thereafter,” said village head Ndlovu.


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