Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Presidential Aide Denies Marrying Actress Nkiru Sylvanus

Following the news trending on social media that actress Nkiru Sylvanus married the Vice presidents aide Mr Sani Umar, the latter has now denied the claims through the Senior Special Assistant (SSA), to the Vice President on Media and Publicity. In a chat with reporters, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja yesterday evening, the VP’s spokesman said “The report is very funny. How can you marry somebody you have not seen for over three months?” Claiming that “the last time I saw her was in September so how can a marriage take place when the subject matters have not seen each other?” Umar said the story is not only “false” but “a figment of the writer’s imagination. I have not married Nkiru Sylvanus and if a wedding of such takes place, people should be able to name the place, date and time. It is not true”. Another source close to the situation further validates Mr Sani Umar's claim, stating that Nkiru and Umar are together but NOT married. He said: I know the man in question well. He divorced his wife a couple of years back and is single. Yes, Nkiru and Umar are in a serious relationship but they are NOT married."

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