Monday, January 14, 2013


Viewers of a Swedish news channel got more than they bargained for while watching a sober report on Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad, as a porn film played on a studio screen in the background. The incident took place during a Monday broadcast on 24-hour Swedish news channel TV4 News as the presenter was interviewing the station’s Moscow correspondent. As the journalists discussed Russia’s support for the Syrian regime, a pornographic film began playing on one of the television screens situated behind the anchor. “At first I realized I was looking at a naked woman and it quickly became clear she was having sex,” Swedish news website The Local quoted one viewer as saying. The erotic film – though blurry – was visible behind the presenter for about 10 minutes during the broadcast. TV4 news editor Andreas Haglind confirmed that the adult film had been shown live, but claimed that didn’t mean that a member of staff was actively watching porn. He said it was likely screen was likely tied to a computer server elsewhere in the studio connected to other channels operated by TV4. Swedish media was quick to report the gaffe.

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