Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Aunty Use Me For Prostitution Until I Caught One Of Them Putting Charm 'Juju' Around His Manhood - 19-Yr-Old Girl

I need ur help and is very urgent. I am 19ys. I am an orphan. My parent died when i was in ss1 and i stay with one of my aunty and this woman have a hotel and whenever those big men come she will use me in exchange of money.

One day she gav me 2 a man and this man told me in d hotel room that he want 2 take his bath, the moment he entered d bathroom i went 2 d door side and pip, i saw this man holdn juju and started talkn, later he put it round his dick 3times.

I was so scared, i ran out at nite it was a girl that accommodate me in her house. Later this girl started behaving strange 2 me. One day police men came 2 d house and arrested me and said i stole 150000 fm ths girl without knowing about d money.

Infact am writing wit tears. They beat hell out of me. I later beg them to go and work for the money and they agreed.i now thought of going back to my aunty or should just kil myself becos am totally confused I dont know what to do i really need help o.??

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