Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Man Designs Hi-fi Surround Sound Coffin That Allows Dead "Enjoy" Music

While many people are freaked out about death, and the after life, some people actually spend quality time thinking of ways to make more comfortable and interesting the human's last and final bed: a coffin. Such is the case of a man who has designed a coffin that will allow family members to stay “in touch” with their deceased loved ones, by building a "musical coffin." The coffin was built with speakers that will allow the dead to enjoy music while they “rest”. Loved ones will be able to change the music playlist through the internet from any location. Fredrik Hjelmquist from Sweden, has designed the sophisticated coffin with built-in speakers. The sound system is connected to a musical playlist which can be changed by family and friends. Hjelmquist, owns a store where he sells music and video equipment. He has taken his knowledge of entertainment equipment and invented the “hi-fi coffin”.  Hjelmquist, believes that the hi-fi coffin entertains the dead, while giving comfort to the grieving family and friends, who will stay connected to the deceased by updating the music playlist inside the coffin.  Hjelmquist said that he plans to be buried in a hi-fi coffin and he would choose Opera for his playlist.  So far he has not sold any coffins, but he has gotten many inquiries from potential buyers.  According to reports, many Swedish people do not believe in the afterlife. But in other parts of the world many people do believe that there is some kind of afterlife.  "We've had an unbelievable amount of inquiries, not so much in Sweden, but from the United States, Canada, and Taiwan," Hjelmquist said. The price for this high tech coffin is $30,700. How would you describe this "hi-fi coffin" invention? Creative? Offensive? Genius? Ridiculous? Preposterous? Lol!!! Please feel free to describe what you think in your own words.

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