Friday, January 11, 2013

Madonna Wants To Sell You Her Beverly Hills Mansion For $1!!

madonna selling house beverly hills nyc mansion realty
What!!! This is CRAY!!
Madonna wants to sell you her massive Beverly Hills mansion for only a $1!! Of course, this would include a hefty "Madonna Fee" for around $22.5 million. You understand.
It's true, Madonna just listed the house she's lived in for over a decade in the Hills for a hefty sum, but it's worth it once you see the nine plush bedrooms, two guesthouses, the indoor gym and the huge screening room. The French country-style house has over 17,000 square feet and also has an infinity pool and tennis court.
Too bad that $1 thing isn't real — we'd snatch it up!
What's weird about this is that she JUST listed her home in NYC for $23.5 million in November! Either she's just looking for something fresh, or she really is moving overseas!

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