Friday, January 25, 2013


Dear easyegist reader's,
Am the only son born of a very young and beautyful mom.we are very close coz she is a single mom and am the only man in her life.

yesterday my mom came home in her normal smart as she is always in mini skirts and mini dresses and found me watching a vampire movie which had alot of s**xual scenes and after watching one s**xual encounter she was off to her bedroom.

after a few minutes she called me and wen i went to her bedroom she was standing beside her bed and she called me in.she told me she had some problems undoing her back zipper of the minidress she had on and needed a was no problem coz it wasnt my first time doing her zipper.

as i was doing so she started rubbing her ass on my already trying to cool from the movie scenes dick as if she was dancing.she threw her hands and held my waist from the back.wen i finished undoing her zipper she turned and wrapt her hands around me and she pulled me squeizing mybody to hers’.

when she felt my already borny d***k she touched it and put my hands on her boobs.i was already weak and couldnt resist her.i gently pushed her on the bed and we started kissing carressing and had the best s***x i ever had.frm that time i havent been able to arase that moment frm my mind and she is begging me for more.pliz tel me what to do,coz i want her too,i want f****k her every it normal to wanting to have s****x with your mom??


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  2. Na wa o,c sickness.