Friday, January 11, 2013

18 Year Old Justin Bieber Pictured Smoking Weed With "New Friend" Lil Twist

    Bad influence? Sources close to Justin Bieber fear Lil Twist is leading the singer astray0104_justin_bieber_smoking_1_tmz
Show me your friend(s) and I'll tell you who you are. Justin Bieber has perhaps not heard this age long adage, else the picture above might never have been taken.
Justin Bieber, 18, was recently photographed allegedly smoking cannabis with his new found 'friend', rapper Lil twist.
Sources in the know have expressed anxiety over Canadian born Justin Bieber's close association with Lil Twist in recent weeks, adding that the rapper signed by alwaysBAKED YMCM boss LilWayne is a bad influence for Justin.
Lil Twist, real name Christopher L. Moore, was at the Newport Beach hotel room last week where Justin, 18, was snapped smoking on a suspicious-looking cigarette.
Likes a smoke: Lil Twist's Twitter profile photo suggests he likes smoking... somethingParty pals: Lil Twist and Justin seen getting ready to see in 2013 in Mexico
Left: Lil Twist's twitter pic, Right: Justin and Twist New year's eve
TMZ claims the 19-year-old rapper was the one rolling blunts for Justin and their colleagues during the evening party on January 2.
Also, Lil Twist was the one behind Justin's white 458 Italia Ferrari  wheels on New Year's Day when he was pulled over by the police.
Freelance photographer Chris Guerra while tailing the Ferrari when it was pulled over was fatally hit by another car, leading to his demise.
Isn't this enough sigh that Lil Twisted is badluck, and bad influence?
 Pattie Mallette(Justin mum), this is the part where you go in.

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