Sunday, December 30, 2012


A rape victim in India is believed to have committed suicide after police took 14 days to register her case and a further 30 days to make an arrest. It is believed the teenage girl was kidnapped from Baras village in the Patiala district of Punjab during Diwali on November 13, by two men. She was then taken to the nearby village of Brahamanmajra where she is alleged to have been drugged and repeatedly raped in a well It came as the Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh responded to days of violent protest at the attack by promising better action to protect the nation’s women. Her family said despite reporting the attack it took two weeks for police to take any action. The victim’s older sister told India Today she had lost hope the case would be brought to justice when she suffered intimidation from the accused. She said the victim had approached the police at Badshahpur village: ‘On some occasions, the policemen would take her to the police station in late evening hours. They would seek her to narrate the incident. They also tried to force her to withdraw her complaint.’ She said the accused men had threatened the family too and all had been forced to go into hiding at another family member’s house at Samana – a town near Patiala – on November 29. However, the accused intimidated them there too. It is believed the girl ‘consumed poison’ at around 5pm on Boxing Day before she was rushed to Rajindera Hospital at Patiala, but she died later that night. It is believed the accused men were named in a ‘suicide note’ left by the girl. Patiala police are believed to have now ordered an investigation and said police would be ‘dismissed from their job if negligence was proved’. May her soul RIP…

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