Friday, December 14, 2012


A student of caritas university enugu, has been expelled for constantly listening to IKPU YA (MY CAP) By VEECKO KYNGZ, it was said that the roommate, who was described as *holier than thou, reported him to the school authority for constantly playing a song, which was reportedly banned for its perceived explicit contents, in school, he went ahead to say that the student(name withheld) also plays the video, and always hum the song, whenever hes trying to read,this they said led to him reporting his roommate and consequently he’s roommate expelled from the school, effort to reach the expelled student, or even reach VEECKO KYNGZ, for a comment on what he has to say about a final year student who was expelled for listening to his song, proved abortive,what do you have to say about it, do you think the school rules are too strict, does he deserved to be expelled? we learnt the expelled student is planning on appealing to the school, to enable him graduate, what do you feel about this, comment

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  1. Madonna will never kill me,well am not surprise wit there act of exposion.