Friday, December 21, 2012

Photos: Italian Photographer Captures Naked Plus Plus Size Women For Art

  Obese model poses for photographerObese model poses in lingerie in front of a fireplace
When I came across these photos, I was gobsmacked, and found them distasteful, before I went ahead to read the details of what the pictures were about. After reading it, I swayed a bit in line with the artist's reasoning, but couldn't help  but wonder the amount of criticism and backlash these pictures will receive.
     Obese model lays down for nude photoshoot
Italian photographer Yossi Loloi is receiving alot of criticism from pundits over his FullBeauty art project which features pictures of extremely obese women as seen above.
Each woman weighs at least 189kg — with the heaviest weighing 283kg — and hides nothing from the camera's as the pictures are taken with no clothes on.
36 year old Yossi said: “I wanted to show that beauty isn’t owned by skinny people alone.
     Naked model poses in stairwell
“To this end the project had to be provocative, but at the same time reassuring, so I focused on their fullness and femininity as a form of protest against discrimination.
“My intention was to show women of size in a way that would be hard for people to criticize. So I shot them in settings that weren't instantly recognizable.
“This way, the subjects would be taken out of context and viewed in their own intimacy, creating a sense of liberation and serenity.
“I was more interested in shooting these women for what they represent and not necessarily who they are in real life — to me they are human sculptures.”
     Obese model poses naked
While the photographs in his project will be judged by most on their artistic merit, Yossi accepts that they will be taken the wrong way by some viewers.
He said: “It saddens me sometimes when people stop ‘at the gates’ of the ‘health issue’ rather than stepping inside the image and trying to understand it.
“It shows how we are spoiled culturally and so it is my job as an artist to ‘awaken’ feelings in others, be it outrage or marvel.
       Obese model poses naked and looks to the sky
“With FullBeauty I am trying to underline that we all have the right to be appreciated the way we are and that there should be no dictatorship on taste.”
Do these photo's really show the artist's creative side or calls attention to the women's weight? Do leave your comments.

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