Monday, December 10, 2012

Naked Fest Continues...Rihanna Posts Pantless Pic Of Self On Instagram

     Rihanna poses in front of a fireRihanna naked
What's with Rihanna and nudity?
It seems the Bajan enjoys all the attention she gets from showing off her naked bod at every available opportunity. One would have thought the reaction following her reunion with exflame  Chris Brown will be more than enough to quench the singer's thirst to always remain in the news.
The 24 year old recently posted the picture above of her self stripped to just her bra with a furry headgear while sipping on wine and smoking in front of a fire.
Earlier this week, word also spread that the singer added the word "Breezy" to her many tattoos. And no, Riri wasn't thinking about the weather, but the nickname of her ex lover Chris Brown.
When it comes to controversy, these two bring their A game. And I'm sure they're only just getting warmed up.

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