Monday, December 3, 2012

D-Soul – Kilode ft. eLDee + Don’t Judge Me

D-Soul also known as Davis has been influenced by big names in the music
industry such as Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Akon, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross,
Case, Avant, Joe and His parents to name but a few. D-Soul has tailored his
style of music to cut across all platforms and genres. Since recognizing his
talent at the age of three, he was commissioned to do his first performance at
the age of seven on national television in Nigeria. That performance captured
the eyes of many and gave him recognition in his hometown. He was born raised
in Nigeria but moved to the UK at his teenage age to further his studies along
side his music. He attended his
primary and secondary school in the eastern part of the country (Ibo native)
where he was born and graduated to University of Lagos but moved to Uk in his
first year. And started of with Irwin College Leicester where he also gained
his foundation in science certificate. He is currently at University of East
London studying Biomedical science. During these periods of his education, he
has been performing and writing songs and has huge plans for himself as long as
music is concerned. D-soul joined a gospel choir as soon as he came to uk to
improve his music skills and singing ability in no time his sweet voice got
noticed and he began to solo for the group. D-Soul is a singer of diverse
genre’s from Rnb to pop and afro even dance music. His talents range from song
writing, singer, composer and co-producer and also Known as jack-of-all-trades
by his friends. D-Soul is determined to break through into the UK and not
forgetting worldwide scene with his style and charisma, from his humble
beginnings back in his church choir and singing in lead songs, to being chosen
to perform before a number of dignitaries in his home-town, D-Soul is fast
becoming a name to remember and look out for.
D-Soul was nominated as the NUBAA best male artist of the year. He has
performed at various events and is still very much in demand. His songs has
been played several times on BBC radios in th United Kingdom as “ BBC
INTRODUCING”. He has worked with a number of artists and producers such as Flip
Tyce (producer) LJ, Nino, G-row (Producer), Courtz, Eldee The Don, Impro,
Sneaka, Timmie Robert and former
Big brother members (J-roc and Randy and a few others. He is said to be one of
the best up coming UK/ Nigerian RnB/Afro artist for the future obviously known
for his uniqueness and his swagger. D-Soul continues to perform all over from
Uk to Nigeria and other countries. Currently, D-Soul is working on his album,
which is expected to be out soon. He is currently working on his afro project
full of scintillating tunes. He writes love songs, inspirational songs and
dance tracks, so you can see that his talents and skills are very versatile.
Dedicated to his music and the love he has for it, D-Soul commits to
spending a number of hours each and every week in the studio as well as writing
new songs.
Apart from working hard in the studio, D-Soul continues to write songs that
will continue to get his fans off their seats and onto the dance floor. With
his music D-Soul aims to inspire his audience as well as create an atmosphere
of excitement.

Kilode ft. eLDee

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