Saturday, December 15, 2012


A school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where gunman Adam Lanza, 20, attacked shortly after 9:30 on Dec. 14, has resulted in nearly 30 deaths, including 20 children CBS News is reporting — it is the second largest school shooting massacre in U.S. history, only exceeded by the Virginia Tech shooting where 33 people died. Police say 27 people died at the scene, including 20 kids, six adults, the shooter and another adult at a secondary location, meaning a total of 28 deaths. The principal Dawn Hochsprung was among the adults killed. Police have identified Adam Lanza as the shooter who died at the scene, according to the Associated Press. The shooter was originally identified as Ryan Lanza, 24 years old, although new reports say Adam had Ryan’s ID in his pocket. The brothers’ mom, Nancy Lanza, was a kindergarten teacher at the school. According to CNN, she was found dead at Adam’s residence. Ryan reportedly struggled with mental illness, and it’s thought to have triggered his rampage. Three weapons were recovered at the scene. The shooter wore a bullet-proof vest and died at the scene, and police are saying he took his own life. One entire classroom is unaccounted for, according to ABC News, and it is believed to be a kindergarten classroom. Students are reporting they saw a masked gunman in the school. When the school went on lock down, students said their teacher closed the door and police told them to get into the corner. Witnesses say shooting started in the hall, and three people ran into the hall to help, including the vice principal, principal and school psychologist. Only the vice principal came crawling back into the room with his leg shot, the witness said. A witness says she heard at least 100 rounds of shots fired. Danbury Hospital Comments on School Massacre “We have had three people transported from the scene to the hospital. I don’t have any information on their conditions or their age,” Linda Wiseman, Danbury Hospital spokeswoman said. ”We do not anticipate any more patients.” “Our hearts and prayers are extended to everyone involved in this terrible tragedy. To date, three patients have been transported to Danbury Hospital from the scene. The Connecticut State Police or the Newtown Police Department can provide further information,” they wrote on their official Facebook. Official Press Conference on Connecticut School Shooting During the official press conference on Dec. 14 at 1pm, the governor said he is “horrified” in an official statement, and is meeting with families to make sure they get the information the need as quickly as possible. Lt. Paul Vance from the state police said just after 9:30 a.m. on Dec. 14, police received a 911 call at an elementary school, and police completed an active shooter search — they checked every door, every crack and every crevice. They evacuated the school as quickly as possible, and the shooter was found dead inside the building. Officials insist that the scene is secure, and the public is not in danger. Sandy Hook Elementary School On Lock down The school district went on lockdown shortly after reports of the shooting at 9:41, and students and teachers were evacuated to a nearby fire station after the school district went on lockdown. Parents picked up their kids at the local fire station with proper identification. Police said the most tragic moment of their careers were telling the nearly 20 parents waiting desperately to pick up their children that their kids did not survive. Newtown Public School District secretary of superintendent Kathy June said in a statement that the school went on lockdown shortly after reports to ensure the safety of students and faculty. At 9:41, state police received a call from local police that they needed assistance at Newtown. State police sent a SWAT team on the scene. The town of Newtown placed all of the public schools on lockdown. Police are evacuating the school, which has students K-4 grade, and it is believed there are no more shooters in the school. May their soul rest in peace. Poor kids

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