Monday, December 10, 2012

8 year old Amarachi Uyanne Wins Nigeria’s Got Talent…Now 10 Million Naira Richer!

By winning 10 million naira at this weekend’s finals of Nigeria’s Got Talent, Amarachi Uyanne has set a record, at just 8 years old she is the youngest  non-inheritor millionaire in Nigeria having broken the previous record set by Solomon Ebuka Nwanke Ubani who became a millionaire at age 20.
8 year old Primary 5 school girl from Benin City Edo State, Amarachi beat top contender Godwin Ogechukwu and eight other finalists to take home the winning spot and 10 million Naira. She won through a public voting process  managed by Forbes Limited.
An elated Amarachi after receiving her cheque, said she would use part of the money to support orphans and to pursue her ambition of becoming a medical doctor, going on to say:
I am happy that I won. At first I was afraid and thought I would lose, but thank God I won in the end. I want to help orphans with the money, and also for the education of my two siblings as well as mine
I hope and pray her parents save and invest Amarachi’s money wisely…10 million naira can finish really quickly if care isn’t taken.
Watch Amarachi’s winning performance after the jump

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