Monday, November 12, 2012

See Pic Of Goat With One Eye In The Middle Of Its Head

When  I first heard about this story, I thought the term "one-eyed" used to describe the goat above meant that the animal had lost one of its eyes, and wondered what the big deal was until I saw the picture. Little wonder curious crowds have trooped to a farm in Perundurai, Erode district, India, where the goat was born and currently lives. The farm owner, Kandasamy, 45, who has been breeding goats for the past 10 years, said that this was the first of such occurrence. “I have never witnessed such an incident in the past,” he said. “A female goat gave birth to two calves, one of whom has just one eye right in the centre of its forehead.” Vetenarians pointed out that it was an anomaly and the outcome of a genetic disorder. According to Coimbatore VOC Park Zoo director Dr K. Asokan, it’s a genetic disorder and caused due to chromosome changes in the goat’s system. “It’s rare to see such goats in the villages,” he said Is it me, or everything about this goat just looks wrong...*shivers*.

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