Friday, November 30, 2012

Man Builds Ark In Preparation For December 21st 2012 Rumoured Apocalypse

This photo taken on Nov. 24 shows the unfinished boat built by Lu Zhenhai In preparation for the foretold  Mayan apocalypse slated to strike on Dec. 21, a man in China Lu Zhenghai has reportedly spent his life savings on the construction of his very own “Noah’s Ark.” Worried about the impending 2012 “Mayan apocalypse, Lu began building his so-called ark in 2010 out of fear that an impending “doomsday” flood would threaten his and his family’s survival. “I’m afraid that when the end of the world comes in 2012, flood waters will destroy my house,” Lu told the Chinese News Service. “So I took all my savings, about $160,500 (N24m), and invested in the construction of this boat,” he continued. “When the time comes, everyone can take refuge in it.” Lu's "ark" was built with 10 tons of timber and 60 tons of steel. Due to lack of funds, however, it has yet to be completed. Scientist, and Mayan experts have tried to persuade people that the Mayan prediction is just the end of a calender, and should in  no way interpreted as the end of the world. Apparently, people like Lu aren't convinced, lol.

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