Sunday, November 4, 2012

KENYA AIRWAYS carries CORPSES in passenger cabin.

According to one of the passenger, their scheduled flight was late and another plane was brought to the hangar to fly them to Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo. Minutes into the flight, a foul smell hit the plane making them very uncomfortable. The flight attendants reassured the passengers, there was nothing wrong, but the passengers insisted something was amiss. Upon further probe, the passengers spotted 3 wrapped bodies inside the passenger’s cabin! Apparently this is not the first time the National carrier has transported corpses in passenger’s cabin. In January, a Swedish journalist was embarrassed by Kenya Airways plane, after she endured a 10-hour flight seated next to a dead man. Lenna Petterson,who works  for Sveriges  radio, was forced  to sit three inches away from the man believed  to be in his 30’s who died shortly after KQ 117 took off from Schipol airport for Nairobi on January 17 this year. The journalist said it was pathetic for Kenya Airways saying it is a “Pride of Africa” whereas it’s transporting corpses on passenger seats. She said instead of Kenya Airways marketing Kenya, it is tainting Kenya’s image abroad by employing illiterate and primitive cabin crews.

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