Saturday, November 10, 2012


Ewa Sycz, 30, said that father-of-four Alex Trott would try and grope her and pester her with questions about her sex life. Mr Trott, an ordained minister in the Spiritual Freedom Church, allegedly asked her whether she had ‘any sexual needs’, if she enjoyed oral sex and told her he was good at giving women orgasms, in an ongoing tribunal. The Polish woman said that 64-year-old Mr Trott sent women staff smutty emails and YouTube videos. He allegedly told Miss Sycz that ‘English girls were easy’ and she ‘should not be different’. He would stare at her, try to tickle her and once tried to massage her, she told Central London Employment Tribunal. Miss Sycz also told the tribunal that Mr Trott often tried to talk to her about sex and to tickle her ‘love-handles’. Miss Sycz said: ‘I avoided his touch and tried to keep him at a physical distance. ‘Mr Trott would frequently ask me to join him in his office to talk. ‘During these conversations he would often introduce a sexual subject. ‘He would discuss how a woman achieved orgasm. He said that he was very good at it. ‘He also asked me about oral sex and whether women enjoyed it. He pretended to be trying to find out more about what women wanted but he meant me. ‘When he discovered that I had separated, he would often speak about the sexual needs a single person had – me. She added: ‘On one occasion, he asked me as a single person whether I had any sexual needs. I said that it was not appropriate to ask me such a question. ‘He said that English girls were easy but I should not be different.’ Mr Trott would also email her sexual jokes and smutty YouTube videos, she said. She said: ‘Whenever he sent me or us the email based on the sexual subject, he would ask me to go to his office and say if I liked it. ‘He would also ask me if the other female receptionist staff liked it and how they had reacted. The truth was when he sent the emails we would try to ignore them.’ ‘He sexually harassed me. I do not wish to have anything to do with him.’ Mr Trott has denied ever sexually harassing Miss Sycz.

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