Saturday, November 3, 2012

I love my fiancee but i lied to her about my age

Hello easyegist reader's "e2g", My name is deji, am 25years of age, i started dating my fiancee 7years ago, we love ourselves so much. The problem is that i lie to my fiancee about my age. She is 29 years of age now but i always claim 30 years because am huge and mature. Even before our relationship my fiancee have been telling me that she can never marry someone younger than her, she even told me yesterday. E2g! We want to get married very soon and am afraid to tell her because i don't want to lose her. What should i do because if she finds out she could call it a quit ?


  1. If u love her the way u are claiming it to be and you are sure she feels the same way too, then I don't see the reason u shouldn't tell her. Just believe it, if she truely loves you, she wouldn't leave you. Take it or leave it.

  2. WeLl I'll support jonny here...I suggest u explain to ha n tel ha d truth cos if u rily do love ha lik u claim den der shudnt b any iota of lie btw u too...she'll forgv u evn tho e wud hurt ha.