Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Nigerians Are Passing Through In Malaysia

What you are about to read was sent to us by one reader on what Nigerians face in Malaysia and we find it touching … Just read the unedited message below … Hi, i just want to gist u abt naija pple and 9ja embassy in Malaysia. 9JA pple are maltreated in Malaysia by d immigrations.they will burst naija living their and cart away with their valuable properties. even they kill them and claimed that they attacked them .which is a a big lies and our embassy will just fold their hand without react to it. Nigeria Embassy in Malaysia does not recognized their pple talkless of render assistant.  the illegal immigrant are many jail and 9ja has nothing to do or say abt it.they abandon them to suffer because they dont have ticket to take them back to naija.and any crime committed by any Africa they will believed it committed by Nigeria.our High commission have no mercy for us at all.

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