Thursday, October 25, 2012


A friend of mine mailed this article to me and i felt i should post it for all my easyegist readers to have a say on it. In relationships, people get mad over things that barely affects their relationship and sometimes take it out on their partner. But this is not the problem, the issue is how the other partner handles the situation since they are at advantage of being in the right mood at that moment. The way you handle the situation determines the kind of person you are. I'll use a lady for an example since we all know that women are complicated human beings by nature because of the pressure on them. In a scenario where a lady is angry over something that happened on her way home and uses a harsh voice and bad words on her boyfriend. There are 4 classes of men that would react to that in their own different ways: 1. The Real guy: he'll look at her, showing a facial expression that he's angry with the way she sounded and he'll walk away hoping to come back later when he's no longer angry to talk to her in a cool voice or expect her to come and apologise whenever she feels alright. 2. The Gentle Man: he'll pause and give her a look that simply say "that's a bad behaviour, apologise so we can get this over with" and if she doesn't he'll ask her what the problem was when she returns to her normal mood. 3. The Sissy guy: he'll feel intimidated and start exchanging words with her just to feel secured. 4. The Coward: would ask her to repeat what she said and might end up beating her. So after reading this... What class do you fall in??

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