Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lagos State Enforces Ban On Okada Riders On 475 Routes

The Lagos State Government has declared total war on commercial riders also known as okada riders plying the 475 prohibited routes in the Lagos metropolis. Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, said total enforcement would soon begin, and that by the end of this month, no okada rider should be seen on any of the prohibited routes, saying that government was more determined to enforce the ban. According to Fashola, there are lots of jobs to do for okada riders that might lose their businesses, saying that many of them abandoned their vocational skills to make quick money through okada riding. Flowing from the ban, Okada riders yesterday morning embarked on a violent protest on Ikorodu road, defacing BRT buses, and causing a lot of commotion. Truth is banning Okada riders on 475 routes in Lagos is almost equal to banning them out rightly. The question at this point: Is banning motorcycles in Lagos State a good idea? Do share your thoughts on this issue.

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