Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forbes List: Top 10 Earning Dead Celebrities

Forbes has recently released the list for top earning dead celebrities for the year 2012. Actress Elizabeth Taylor tops the list, beating Michael Jackson to 2nd place. See the Full list after the cut. FORBES HIGHEST-EARNING DEAD CELEBRITIES 1. Elizabeth Taylor-$210 Million 2. Michael Jackson-$145 Million 3. Elvis Presley-$55 Million 4. Charles Schulz-$37 Million 5. Bob Marley-$17 Million 6. John Lennon-$12 Million 7. Marilyn Monroe-$10 Million 7. Albert Einstein-$10 Million 9. Dr. Seuss-$9 Million 10. Steve McQueen-$8 Million 10 Bettie Page- $8 Million 12. Richard Rogers-$6 Million 13. George Harrison-$5.5 Million While many who are still living don't even have food to eat, others are still making money even after departing this world.Talk about life's bitter ironies!

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