Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strange: Woman Gives Birth To Goat Like Baby In Jigawa

The birth of a strange looking baby, with goat like feet and no neck has being reported in Northern Nigeria, precisely Jigawa state.
I probably wont have believed this story, but there's a pictures as evidence, which makes it quite convincing.
The photo shows a child  with no defined facial features, translucent skin around his protruding stomach and feet like goat hoofs.
See pic after the cut. Viewer discretion  advised.

Although till press time, more facts are yet to be revealed, a look at the picture in question shows that there's more this child that meets the eye.
The mother of the creature  baby laments that this makes the 4th time she has birthed children of like kind.
It will be recalled that a few weeks ago, it was reported that a woman delivered A BABY HORSE at a church in Sapele.
Strange things are really happening o!!!

See picture below.

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