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See Pic Of Woman Who Transformed To Mordern Day Nefertiti After 51 Plastic Surgeries

  •  Original Nefetiti left, Nileen Namita Right 
After Cleopatra, Nefertiti is the second most famous "Queen" of Ancient Egypt in the Western imagination. This probably stems from the fact that the history of makeup points to ancient Egypt, particular Queen Nefertiti who is said to be one of the first women to wear and invent makeup,  during ancient Egyptian times. In those times, Nefertiti's (which means the beautiful one has come) beauty was famous and talked about far and wide, and her fame still resounds in the world today. The statue of her bust that is 3300-year-old is one of the most famous pieces of Egyptian history, and as a result, Nefertiti has become an icon of female beauty. Little Wonder Nileen Namita, now 52, elected to undergo over 51 plastic surgeries just to look like her.
                          Nileen aged 22 (left) before she had surgery and at 41 during one of 51 cosmetic proceduresNileen aged 22 (left) before she had surgery and at 41 during one of 51 cosmetic procedures
Her transformation started in 1987 after deciding that in a past life she had lived as Nefertiti.
During that time Nileen Namita has spent £200,000 on her face in order to turn herself into a living sculpture of the ancient Egyptian.
The mother of three, and native of Brighton UK,  has had 51 cosmetic surgery operations - including eight nose jobs, three chin implants, one eyebrow lift, three facelifts, six mini facelifts, two lip surgeries, five eye surgeries and 20 minor tweaks - in her efforts to recreate herself in the image of the 'Beauty of the Nile'.
She said: 'Throughout my childhood and teen years I had constant vivid dreams of this ancient queen.
'They were visions of incredible intensity - I could see where she lived, her servants, her rooms, even the food she ate - and although at first I found the dreams frightening, I began to research what they meant.
'Aged 23 I underwent psychoanalysis with a counselor. Slowly I began to realise that I was having these dreams because I am a reincarnation of Nefertiti.'
And Miss Namita is not done yet. 'I would like my lips to be made a little finer and plan to have some more surgery on my nose to even out my nostrils,' she said.
Nothing we won't see in this world of today!
Namita as Queen Nefertiti. She began her transformation in 1987 after deciding she was the Egyptian beauty in a past life
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