Friday, September 28, 2012

Pics:Daily Mail Showcases Makoko Slums To The World

People paddle canoes through the oily water on the floating slumthe children beam when they see a camera
Weeks after Rick Ross released the video shot in Nigeria, Lagos Island slums to be precise, Daily Mail online has followed suit, by showing to the world the slums of Makoko.
The report a photo-story, shows how thousands of people in Makoko live in Shabby shacks on stilts, amidst  floating waste, and how rickety boats fill the expanse of murky water.

According to the report, every day life for the many fishermen and their families revolves around paddling and rowing through the filthy, oily water in the slum - but this does not stop the young children from beaming when they see a camera. See pictures below:

A man stands on the dock of a proposed floating school People paddle canoes through the oily water on the floating slumAn unidentified lady empties water from a canoe in Lagos. The community has ballooned as thousands of poor people are forced to live in shacks propped above the murky waterA young girl rows a canoeChildren talk in the floating slumA smiling young girl travels by canoe. The heartbreaking photos show the hardship the Nigerians experience every single day

A couple of months back, these people were said to have been forcefully evacuated from their shacks homes after they were given a 72 hour notice by the Lagos state Government. In the process of demolishing their homes, and forcefully ejecting them, one of the leaders in the community was reported to have being killed.
At this point, what I do not understand is why the Government, and even the private sector-through corporate social responsibility-are  not making any efforts to give these people a better life and better homes.
This portrayal of Lagos to the outside world is an eyesore, as it shows the state in a very poor, and poverty stricken light. I think Makoko people should be taken as priority- and empowered by giving them better homes, education, and engaging them in trades other than fishing- by both the government and the private sector as well.

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